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New track called Freeloader featuring Marqus The Destroyer on Vox!

Click here To listen to the debut track by Venadryl!!

Click here To download Behold The Price for free!

Click here to read Cryptodemocracy!

Click here to read the Box Oriented Programming Paradigm!

Click here to learn how to code apps for the iPhone

Click here to read my free Solidworks book

Click here to build a Rolls-Royce Rat Rod!

Click here To Learn How to Run Ads on Facebook

Click here to Read Ayn Rand Speech at West Point 1974

Click here to read An Introduction to Political Science by Jonathon York!

Click here to take a journey through the 3 Great Empires in 1838 with Charles Elliot

Learn at least one app for Mac if you say you is a coder dude

This is the new track Alien Graveyard and it sure is fun to play

This is the other new track called Enchanted

If you have a Bentley Turbo R and it has fuel problems you might want to read this!

If you have a Rolls-Royce 6.75L from 1965-1985 this is a diagram I made of the firing order

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